• Responsible for all County Investments totaling almost 1 Billion dollars. Over 23 years, has never experienced a loss of principal while bringing in above market investment results.
  • Collection rates for both Personal Property and Real Estate above 99%. One of the best collection rates in the Commonwealth.
  • Constantly innovating to provide taxpayers with the best service possible.
  • Stressing good customer service by all the Treasurer’s Office staff. Paying taxes is never fun but we should provide a good experience in doing so.
  • I am the first Treasurer in Virginia to bill, collect and remit taxes for 5 of Loudoun County’s Towns. This has never been done before and included changing the Virginia Code to allow for this to occur along with many meetings with the Town’s elected officials and their respective staffs.
  • Clean audits every year with every dollar properly accounted for. Strong internal controls assure taxpayers their money is safe.
  • Always prudent with taxpayers’ money, we work with a limited staff of only 50 people to serve over 400,000 people in the County. In fact, I do not even have a secretary so that everyone is working for only the taxpayer.